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miércoles, 13 de marzo de 2013

My story

I did a little bit of meandering, wandering through the internal rainforest.

I grew stronger, I fed doubts, I searched

I knew all the answers. I knew they were buried within me.

What am I doing. 
What makes me happy? What drives me forward, how can I best serve the world?

I finally put my foot down. //I had tried to please others all my life, have a ‘tangible’ measurement of self-worth through their appreciative eyes. My daddy for once. My dad. Let him rule my perspective, such a grand man.

Finally, I saw my own worth, from my own eyes. What major discovery it has been (feels as though I always knew this - at least the child-version of myself always did); that when I stand my own ground, when I follow my bliss, everyone can feel the happiness it brings me.

So the path, the real journey begins. I am twenty years old.

Some discover their truth at 50, others at 80, others prefer the comfort of a safe life, others were born with such a strong predilection that they would not let anybody interfere; but that’s their story. And this is mine. 

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