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miércoles, 20 de julio de 2011

Friend's Birthday Party.

 A friend of mine closed-off a part of a night club to celebrate his birthday, this was my outfit! I had recently bought this dress in the streets of SoHo in NY, (in a little shop that I can't, unfortunately, remember the name!). The shoes are my adored steve madden. Plus, I got to wear my black seamed tights!! These are just so fashionable and chic - I love how the tights contrast with the more modern style of the dress with the funky white lines that come across it (the white lines actually accentuate your natural curves, so the dress plays its part! haha).
To top it off, the red leather jacket blends all sort of mixtures together with a fun, exciting and an 'I really don't care what you think tonight' attitude!
Hasta la vista! Enjoy ;)
 Black seamed tights <333
 I have recently returned from Paris, where I saw a huge amount of publicity for Elie Saab's new perfume. I must say I haven't even tried the perfume but I INSTANTLY fell in love with the dress. I went online to Elie Saab's page and I just love the femininity, vitality and grace present in all his designs. He's a true artist.

lunes, 11 de julio de 2011

Just a thought.

I like fashion, as it proves to be an outlet of creativity and a form of self-expression (I don't encourage consumerism). So let's not be afraid to be "our quirky fantastic self" - Katie Malachuk, writer.

sábado, 9 de julio de 2011

Visiting Philly

At Penn University!

 It was a really sunny day... very hot, actually.
 So we decided to cool-off by going to the amazing art museum in Philly! It is gigantic and holds a lot of masterpieces of different eras.
Then, it hit me. 
Epiphany: I am art! Everything I do, everything I feel, every movement, every breath... each and every single thing mentioned, is art. 

I decided to lay down and thus, break a tacit rule - nobody (at least very few people do) lies in the middle of an exposition. You should try it sometime! It's incredibly liberating to do something you really want to do and you go for it because you're doing no harm! Stop abiding to mental rules that are unnecessary!

I am art.

The following picture is tremendously cute, and sad at the same time. Can be analyzed far deeper than stated.

 New Walking Shoes!!!!
 When we were on our way to the movies, we saw a bunch of butterflies made out of recycled soda cans! Yet again, art.

Beautiful building near our hotel.

The outfit I used to go around Philly.

lunes, 4 de julio de 2011


It's winter. I'm back from my trip, and that's it. I'm going to have lunch with a friend of mine and hope that it doesn't get that cold. I'm still doing essays as part of application process by the way.


Day 1 at Edinburg!

This was the view from our hotel. The Castle of Edinburg!
This was actually back in St. Andrews, lovely English Gardens.

And at a little Italian Restaurante!

 Back in St. Andrews as well. This is one of the University Buildings
 The cutest plague ever!

domingo, 3 de julio de 2011

Visiting St. Andrews, Scotland!

 The buildings are insanely beautiful.
Each building has its own history and you can't help but feel inspired; the rain just adds a poetic touch.

 There's a six hour difference between my country and Scotland. When we woke up it was already 1pm! So we couldn't find a breakfast place but we found this Indian Place down the street. I had to take a picture because not all cuisines have such strong pigmentation in their food!

 Bought a Barbour Jacket and Hunter boots !
 Found a blue door !
 The back of our hotel overlooking the Old Golf Course. Where golf was invented!
And, the wind.

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