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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Theater Night Out

Gone to see 'La tía de Carlos' show. Even though it was a casual event, I wanted to wear my favorite boot-boots! The show was ok, I'm personally a bit tired of slap-stick comedy at the moment but I did laugh in some occasions. Now I'm looking for new shows - any recommendations?

Talking about theater productions... A show that did surprise me was 'Green Day's American Idiot'. My little sister is a huge fan so when we went to NY for the easter weekend, we simply HAD to see that show. I didn't expect much but I honestly had a great time. Even though I had not particularly liked Green Day's music before, I caught myself singing along during the show ! The acting skills of the leading guy was AH-MAZING. He's called Van Hughes. 

While my little sister ran to catch a glimpse of Billie Joe amidst a gigantic crowd, I went to the other exit and got a picture with a really good actor! He had brought all the Billie-Joe-Armstron-Vibe (confession: at the beginning he even made me doubt if he was the real Billie Joe or not- so yup, he's really that good).  

What are other good shows to see here in Lima?

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