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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

New Interview!

"Don’t you dare fit in. Wear what you know, not what you see. I don’t care how trendy certain styles and items are- if they aren’t consistent with YOUR artistic vision, don’t wear them!! Sincerity is the cornerstone of style. Only wear what comes naturally, even if that means an outrageous costume. Sound like a paradox? Much of fashion is." - Bebe Zeva.

She's sort of the new idol, at least for this month. I love that she puts so much thought behind the 'simple' fact of dressing up. I like her approach to fashion, always open to new influences and a fan of individuality.

She doesn't mind to make things clash, after all, fashion's supposed to be fun!

So, hype. 

Here's the whole interview:

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